Key Cutting In Carmarthen

Precision Key Cutting

You never know just when you will need a spare key. At TAF Building Supplies Ltd in Carmarthen, we offer a key cutting service in our store. Our team can cut all main household keys to make sure you’re never locked out again.

We cut your keys to precision to ensure they work as well as the original.

Simply visit our store today and we can make a spare within minutes. For more information about our key cutting service in Carmarthen, contact TAF Building Supplies Ltd today. Call us on 01994 230 239.

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We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Specialist Key Cutters

Losing or damaging a key can be a huge inconvenience, so it is always handy to have a spare. TAF Building Supplies Ltd can make you a spare key in no time – just bring your key to our store and we will cut one while you wait.

Keys are not invincible to the daily strains they endure. They are prone to break after years of use. Spare keys can save you a lot of time and money. Furthermore, the cost of having a spare cut is significantly less than having to call a locksmith for help. With our key cutting service, you can avoid this.

TAF Building Supplies Ltd is fully equipped to duplicate all main household keys. You can rely on us whenever you need an emergency replacement. Our customer service is second to none and we are always on hand to assist you.

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To find out more about our instore key cutting service, contact TAF Building Supplies Ltd in Carmarthen. Avoid the stress of being locked out ever again. Call us today on 01994 230 239 or 01994 232 772.

Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form.

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